Emerson Bell Schedule

Morning drop-off

8:00                    Yard duty and teacher duty begin day. Please do not drop off before 8am.
8:08                    Warning bell
8:10                    School day begins.  Students are tardy after 8:10am.

At 8:10am, the schoolyard gate is locked and late students must enter through the school office.

Afternoon Pick-up

1:30                    K Dismissal, Monday-Friday
2:15                    1-3 Dismissal, Mon-Tues, Thurs-Fri
2:20                    4-5 Dismissal, Mon-Tues, Thurs-Fri

Early Release Schedule–Every Wednesday

1:25                    1-3 Dismissal
1:30                    K, 4-5 Dismissal

Kids' World after school care begins immediately after the school day until 6pm. more info

Lunch and Recess Schedule

9:45-10:00           K Recess
9:40-10:00           1st Grade Recess
10:00-10:20         2nd-3rd Grade Recess
10:20-10:35         4th-5th Grade Recess

11:20-12:10         K-2 Lunch
11:55-12:45         3rd Grade Lunch
12:05-12:45         4-5 Lunch