Employer Matching Gifts

You can double or triple your contribution to the Emerson PTA by taking advantage of your employer’s corporate or foundation match benefit.

Click here for a partial list of companies with Employer Match programs. If your company is not listed, check with your HR or community giving department.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are Employer Matching Gifts Programs?
    Matching Gifts Programs are a benefit to employees in which a company/foundation matches donations made by employees to eligible nonprofit organizations, like Emerson Elementary. It’s an easy way to double or triple your contribution to Emerson!
  2. What donations qualify?
    Employers match cash gifts such as donations to The Heart of Emerson.
  3. When should I request the Match Gift?
    We recommend requesting the matching gift as soon as you make your donation. Some employers have time restrictions of 2 to 6 months, while others allow a 12-month grace period from the time of the donation.
  4. How can I help more?
    Do you know other Emerson parents who work at companies that might have Matching Gift Programs? If so, please reach out and encourage these parents to take advantage of their employer’s matching program.
  5. What if I still have questions?
    For questions regarding your company’s programs, please contact your employer’s HR or community giving department. For questions regarding submitting a matching gift request to Emerson, please contact the Heart of Emerson Co-chairs at HeartOfEmerson@gmail.com.