Equity Initiatives

The Emerson Community believes in equity for all students and families and actively working towards this goal.

Racial Equity Study Circles

Emerson's Racial Equity Study Circles engage parents and teachers in powerful discussions about creating a welcoming environment for all families with the goal of supporting all students in achieving academic success. This small group of parents, guardians, teachers, and staff meets 6 times over the course of the school year, with childcare and food provided. Study Circles are facilitated by Pamela Harrison-Small and supported by the Emerson PTA. Contact the PTA for more information.

Family Engagement & Equity

Berkeley Unified School District has a district Office of Family Engagement & Equity; Emerson has its own Family Engagement Specialist half the week so we can support all of our families. Contact the front office to learn more.

BUSD Office of Family Engagement