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Day of Action: Supporting greater funding for public education in Sacramento

Dear Families, 
On Wednesday, May 22, there will be a statewide “Day of Action” in Sacramento to call for greater funding for public education. At Emerson, we are expecting to have the vast majority of our teaching staff and aides absent on that day because they are planning to attend the full day of the rally. 
We strongly support the call for more state funding for public education and we also know that you count on our schools to provide a safe learning environment, and our students need school activities, as well as healthy meals and other support. 
We will only have a few teachers and other staff on site as well as a few substitutes present to supervise all the students. We have cancelled testing for that day and we will not be able to provide instruction. We anticipate that many students will stay home or will join their families in the call to action in Sacramento. Students who do attend school will be supervised in large groups in common areas, such as the cafeteria, the yard, and the library. If possible, we plan to keep K students in their classrooms. 
It will help us plan if we know whether you will be sending your student/s to school that day. Please go to the link on the etree or as shown below to indicate your plans for your students on the 22nd.
Google Form:
Thank you for your understanding and support. 
Ms. Hodge