Sunday, October 20th, 2019

how does the walkathon work?

1.  Register your student.  Registration is easier this year! Either register and pay via the link on the Emerson website, or fill in the attached registration form, write a check to ‘Emerson PTA’ for the registration fee, and return the form and check to school. We must have one signed Registration Form for each student who will be walking; families with more than one child walking only need to write one check. Your registered walkers receive snacks and a tshirt for participating, and will get a special surprise when they return their lap card when they’re done walking. Students can also register on the morning of the event.


2.  Students ask friends, neighbors, and family to sponsor them.  On the Walkathon envelope attached, list the names of sponsors in the first column, and in the second column, write the amount the sponsors have pledged to donate for each lap your child completes. Donations of a set amount are also very welcome.


3.  The students walk!  On Sunday, October 20th 2019, students and families come to Emerson, ready to walk! The students check in at the registration table for their lap cards, and off they go!  Maps of the walking course will be posted on the day. The walk begins at 10:00 (Ms Holmes is making a special appearance to send our kids off at 10am on the dot!) and ends at 2:00. Students may walk for as long as they choose.  When students have finished walking for the day, they “check out” at the registration tables and can enjoy the rest of the Halloween carnival happening on the yard.


4. How can you be involved? Plan on spending some time at school on the 20th - enjoy food and drinks (a variety of food will be available for purchase), check out the Book Fair, play the Halloween carnival games, purchase Walkathon tshirts for family members, or relax and socialize. This is a fantastic opportunity to get to know your fellow Emerson parents.


Parent volunteers are crucial to the success of this great event - they take short shifts to help keep the day moving smoothly. If you’d like to volunteer, look out for a link to our online sign up page over the coming weeks or get in touch: ejaharvey@gmail.com.


5.  Calculate and collect donations. After the Walkathon, have your student write in the number of laps they completed on the pledge envelope. Then, calculate how much each sponsor owes and write the totals in the third column. Return to their sponsors to collect their pledges.  Checks are preferred and should be made payable to ‘Emerson PTA’. 


Please turn in the Walkathon envelope to your child’s teacher or the office by Monday, November 11th, 2018.