We walk in rain or shine!

We walk in rain or shine!


Read the BearFacts newsletter or check the Calendar for information on this year's Walk-a-thon.

Every Fall, students and families join together for a fun afternoon of walking with friends to raise money to support Emerson!


how does the walkathon work?

  1. Register your student using the forms went home in your student’s look folder.   Fill in all of the appropriate blanks, write a check to Emerson PTA for the registration fee, and return the form and check to school. We must have one signed Registration Form for each student who will be walking.  Families with more than one student attending Emerson will need to fill out more than one form.  But you can write just one check to register multiple children.  Students can register on the morning of the event if you miss the registration deadline.

  2. Students ask friends, neighbors, and family to sponsor them in the Walkathon.  On the Walkathon envelope, students list the names of willing sponsors in the first column, and in the second column write the amount the sponsors have pledged to donate to Emerson for each lap your child completes. Donations of a set amount are also welcome. Write these in the third column. Set donations may be collected before or after the Walkathon.

  3. The students walk!  On the day of the Walkathon, students and families come to Emerson School in comfortable walking shoes and clothes. The students check in and then walk, walk, walk!  The walking course is up Forest Avenue for one very long block and then back down Forest to Piedmont Avenue.

    The walk begins at 11:00 and ends at 3:00. Students may walk for as long as they choose.  During breaks, students and family members can enjoy food and drinks, check out the concurrent Book Fair and bake sale, or relax and socialize.  All student walkers receive snacks, lunch, and a t-shirt for participating. Parents will have the opportunity to get to know one another, and to contribute to the success of this Emerson event by volunteering or by helping out in various ways.  Family members can also purchase t-shirts.

    When students have finished walking for the day, they “check out” back at the registration tables, have their laps counted, and win prizes.

  4. Calculate donations. After the Walkathon, have your student write in the number of laps he or she completed on the Walkathon envelope. Then, calculate how much each sponsor owes.  Write the donation totals in the third column on the Walkathon envelope.

  5. Collect donations and return them to Emerson.   During the week after the Walkathon, students return to their sponsors to collect their pledges.  Checks are preferred and should be made payable to Emerson School PTA.  If your student does collect cash, we encourage you to hold the cash and write a check instead as checks are more secure for us to handle.  Please turn in the Walkathon Pledge envelope by the posted deadline.

  6. Enjoy the benefits of this fantastic event.  In December, there will be an awards assembly to honor the top walkers and top money earners by grade.  Most importantly, the money raised by this PTA event is used to enhance students’ experiences at Emerson School.   PTA funds help provide for art classes and materials, field trips, books for classrooms, tutoring, P.E., and much, much more.