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Donate for the Walkathon HERE

Donate for the Walkathon HERE

Emerson gives back!

Back-to-School BBQ Leads needed for Fall 2019. Contact the PTA for more info.

Friday Coffee for 2019-20: We’re looking for some new people to take over hosting Friday Coffee on the yard! Interested? Let us know.

Emerson Elementary School has been honored by the California Department of Education as a 2018 Distinguished School! Read more

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Equity at Emerson

Do you want every child to receive an equitable education at Emerson?
Do you want to create an open community where we can share our concerns and experiences in a supportive, safe environment?
Do you feel racial biases — unconscious or overt — may affect your child’s school experience?

You are not alone with your hopes and concerns. Many parents share them, and the Emerson community is working very intentionally to create an equitable environment for all children at our school. Read more on the Emerson Equity Page.

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