Safe and Secure Parking at Emerson Elementary

Thank you for considering parking at Emerson Elementary in Berkeley.

All of the funds that are raised by the parent volunteers goes directly to the PTA, which uses the money to fund arts. music, science, community events and administrative support.

We accept cash, credit cards, Venmo and Paypal. We strongly encourage you to make a reservation by clicking the button above to guarantee a spot.


Emerson Elementary School is located at 2800 Forest Avenue, Berkeley, a 15 minute walk (0.7) to the Cal Memorial Stadium.



    • Bathrooms open when the lot opens and remain open for an hour after the game ends.


    • The lot opens 3 or 4 hours before kick-off. Space to set up tent canvas, tables and chairs.

      • No gas or charcoal BBQs

      • No broken glass

      • Keep noise levels reasonable (music welcome, preferably the Cal fight song)


    • An attendant is available at all times during the game and up to an hour after the game. Your car is always accessible if you need to leave prior to the game ending.


    • Your car is available at your convenience post game (an attendant will be onsite 1 hour after game). Please do not leave your car overnight, it will be towed.

  • 3 Group Parking areas (75 spots available)

    • Emerson can accommodate large parties that would like to park and tailgate together.

  • Play Structures for Children

    • Parental supervision required at all times.