PTA Board

2019-2020 PTA Board Officers

President:  David Rose
Vice-President:  TBD
Treasurer:  Scott Hofmeister
Secretary: Shawna Suzuki & Tesilya Hanauer
Parliamentarian:  Chris Merhige
VP of Community Building / Engagement: Christina Collinsworth
VP of Equity: Katy Davis, Vivian White, Michael Schumaker
VP of Community Outreach / Membership: Crystal Goldsmith & Elif Kale-Lostuvali
VP of School Support & Academic Enrichment: Mary Mathaisell
VP of Fundraising: TBD
VP of Communications:  Jen Petrucelli
VP of Advocacy: TBD

What is the PTA and the pta board?

All Emerson families, friends, and staff are part of the Emerson Community and are invited to all Emerson community events and PTA Association Meetings!

The Emerson PTA Association consists of Emerson parents, guardians, friends, and staff who submit a PTA membership form. Suggested dues are $10 per person (to cover dues that we, in turn, pass along to the District PTA and the State PTA), but dues are not mandatory. PTA Members have the right to vote in PTA Board elections and on the PTA Budget.

The Emerson PTA Board consists of PTA Members elected to the Emerson PTA Board. Current Board Officers are listed above; PTA Board Positions are described below.

PTA Board Meetings are generally closed meetings held once a month. However, each meeting will include an agenda item for open comment, at which point any PTA Member may share ideas, concerns, etc. During the closed portion of the Board Meetings, the PTA Board Officers oversee the implementation of the Budget and Program Plan that the PTA Association approves.

How do I join the PTA Board? PTA Board Elections are held in late winter/early spring. Look for announcements in BearFacts, on the website, and in your child's Look Folder. At any point, you may reach out to a current Board Officer to express your interest and to learn more.

What are PTA Event Chairs? Volunteers who lead a PTA event are Event Chairs. A specific Board Member usually oversees a specific Event Chair in order to give updates to the PTA Board.

Learn more about the PTA Budget & Program Plan

PTA Board Roles & Responsibilities


Responsibilities of all board members

 All voting members commit to:

  • Attend PTA Association Meetings, usually 3 times per year. The meetings may be in the morning on a Friday on the school yard, immediately following drop off or on a Wednesday evening from approximately 6-7:30pm.

  • Attend and represent the PTA at Emerson’s community events, including the Walkathon, Family Art Night, the Pancake Breakfast, and speaker events.

  • Attend monthly PTA Board Meetings, usually Wednesday nights from 7-8:30pm

  • Perform the duties listed in their job description.

You have kids – we understand! Childcare is provided at adult only, evening Association meetings and children are welcome to hang out in the library during monthly Board meetings, or we can arrange separate childcare if needed.

Food is provided at most PTA Association Meetings and events.

Event chairs and coordinators are responsible for:

  • Securing permits and rentals from city or district for an event held at the school (walkathon, football parking, evening meetings, and family nights)

  • Booking an outside venue (such as St. Johns for graduation, the auction venue)

  • Reaching out to room parents to help secure volunteers

  • Updating event docs after the event is over


  • Coordinates with all Board members, officers and committees of the PTA

  • Oversees coordination of PTA Association Meetings, which may include a speaker, the election, and the budget vote (usually 3 meetings per year)

  • For parent-only PTA Association Meetings, arranges child care with Kids’ World staff. Orders pizza/food for PTA meeting and events.

  • Interacts with National PTA, other local PTA chapters and the district on issues affecting Emerson as needed

  • Acts as the spokesperson for the Emerson PTA at district meetings

  • Signs checks

  • Has all contract and/or legally binding documents approved by the association, prior to any two elected officers signing a contract

  • Set calendar coordinating with other board members and Principal

  • Acts as the liaison with the Principal – meets in person, by phone, or email approximately every 2 weeks to check the calendar and update as needed

  • Makes sure all volunteer documents are updated after each event and maintains database of all job descriptions. Makes updating and revising ALL volunteer docs the main focus of the February board meeting.

  • Orders flowers/sends cards for congrats, get well and bereavement.

  • Writes the Welcome Letter for K families sent over the summer. Coordinates with the VP of Communications to update the “New Parent Guide” trifold for the winter K events.

  • Works with Principal to organize lice checks in the Fall and Spring, either using volunteers or a company such as Nit Pixies.

  • Acts as liaison for Kids’ World

Executive Vice President (may serve as President Elect)

  • As needed, provides help to event chairs to secure permits and rentals from city or district for school events (walkathon, football parking, evening meetings, and family nights) and books St. John’s for graduation.

  • Works in conjunction with the President to ensure all board members fulfill their responsibilities and all PTA functions are maintained.

  • Works closely with board members to ensure they are on-track with all responsibilities.

  • If the President is unable to perform his/her duties, the VP is the first in line to perform the duties of the President

  • May also choose to serve as president-elect, taking over the President’s role after 1 or 2 years of service as Vice President.


  • Keeps permanent books of account and records that have sufficient enough information for them to be reviewed by auditors, or members of the California or National PTA, if requested

  • The treasurer writes the checks and secures two signatures on all checks

  • Receives and retains a copy of deposit slips for any deposits made

  • The treasurer prepares and presents a financial report at each Board and Association meeting

  • Keeps the membership informed of expenditures as they relate to the budget adopted by the association and proposed amendments to the budget to keep the budget in alignment with actual revenue and expenditures as the year progresses

  • Fills out and forwards all necessary reports forms required by the California Secretary of State including the annual registration renewal fee report (RRF), registering any raffles and reporting on those raffles.

  • Completing or supervising the preparation of the federal and state income tax reports.

  • Completing forms and reports required by the California State PTA including the annual financial report, twice yearly financial audits, Workers' Compensation Annual Payroll Report, and Per Caps.

  • Oversees and signs check for the PTA enrichment classes

  • Heads the budget committee in the Spring to determine the budget for the next school year.

Recording Secretary

  • Keeps an accurate record of the proceedings of all meetings of the association and the Board in a bound book, which is the legal record of this PTA. Saves copies of the minutes to the Emerson PTA Board Google Drive.

  • Is prepared to refer to minutes of previous meetings

  • Prepares a list of all unfinished business for the President’s use

  • Records all expenditures in the minutes (treasurer report)

  • Keeps a current list of the paid members of the Association provided by the Vice President of Community Outreach

  • Keeps a current copy of the bylaws and standing rules

  • Recruits and manages or acts as historian


  • Records volunteer hours of the association and submits them to National in the late spring

  • Acts as the custodian of records and other paper and photo materials pertinent to the history of the association, assembles a binder or folder labeled with the year for the archives in the pta closet

  • Creates and maintains a place to upload and store virtual photos

  • Coordinates the yearbook team

  • Assists the President with the preparation of the association’s annual report


  • Runs PTA Board Meetings

  • Creates agenda (with President)

  • Notifies Board of agenda and meetings

  • Meeting leader and timekeeper at Board Meetings

  • Calls the first meeting of the nominating committee

  • Gives instructions in procedure

  • Chairs the Bylaws Committee and reviews Bylaws and standing rules annually; resubmits every 2 years.

School Support and Academic Enrichment

  • Provides guidance and support to the PTA After-School Enrichment Program volunteer leads.

  • Responsible for overseeing and supporting the following school events and activities (note that Event Chairs are already in place for many of these):

    • Dia de los Muertos

    • Hour of Code

    • Set up, decorations, and food (typically a multi-cultural bake sale) for the Winter Performance

    • Math Wall

    • Principal, Teacher, and Staff appreciation events

    • 5th grade graduation

    • Green Team

    • School Gardening/Watering (coordinate summer volunteers)

Community Building/Engagement

  • Responsible for overseeing and supporting the following community events and activities:

    • Welcome Coffee

    • Friday Coffee

    • Welcome Back BBQ

    • Family Art Night, Literacy Night, Math Night (varies by year)

    • Pancake Breakfast

    • Adult Party (or Auction Party)

    • End of Year Party

  • Advertises meetings and events via Bearfacts, etree and email to room parents.

  • Posts information on the PTA bulletin board; hangs banners if applicable.

  • Updates the board before and after events.

  • Orders supplies at the start of the year to refill the PTA closet, and as needed throughout the year. Can help event coordinators of large events refill supplies.

Community Outreach

  • Manages PTA Membership drive in Fall

    • Develops PTA Board materials (flyers, etc) to market the PTA and educate the community about what the PTA is (benefits of membership, what the PTA is vs. the PTA board, how events run by the PTA are for the entire Emerson community, why we fundraise, etc.)

    • Orders new membership materials. Collects membership dues and distributes membership cards.

  • Sets up a PTA Info/Membership Sign Up table at the Welcome Back BBQ

  • Helps recruit and assist in training room parents at the beginning of the year.

  • Pairs existing families with new families to welcome them at the start of the year

  • Responsible for overseeing and supporting the following community/new family outreach events and activities:

    • K summer play dates

    • New family buddy program

    • K Fair in the Winter

    • K Night in the Winter

    • K Tours in the Winter

  • Updates the board before and after events.


VP of Equity (will have attended a Racial Equity Circle)

  • Facilitate the follow through of the Desired Racial Equity Outcome Plan (Equity Plan).

  • Recruit parents/guardian volunteers to support the Equity Plan

  • Commitment to create and sustain a school community where adults are taking responsibility for ensuring that every student’s culture and background is honored and connected to teaching and learning.

  • Possess a basic understanding of the systemic and institutionalized nature of inequity in the educational system

  • Ability to effectively communicate the need to interrupt historic inequities that impede student progress

  • Ability to effectively communicate the conditions and opportunities that lead to equity

  • Willingness to serve as a catalysts for school transformation, helping parents/guardians take action on behalf of underserved students

  • Oversees these events or volunteers who run these events (may vary by year):

    • Racial Equity Study Circles

    • Black History Month assembly

    • Asian, Arab, or other cultural celebrations

  • The VP of Equity is also the head room parent.

    • EXCEPT room parent recruiting is responsibility of Community Outreach

    • Coordinates a meeting with room parents at the beginning of the year to train room parents.

    • All communications with room parents go through this person.

    • If needed, checks in with room parents mid-year and at the end of the year.


  • Manages Heart of Emerson Direct Giving Campaign

    • Publicizes the Heart of Emerson via the normal channels.

    • Suggests to all donors who have employer match programs to submit paperwork for matching contribution

    • Coordinates with the Vice President of Community Outreach to include a letter with the orientation packet

    • Sends out thank you letters to all donors with tax ID number; this is a legal requirement for donations over $250

  • Oversees the chairs for the following fundraising activities. Meets with chairs in person or by phone when appropriate. Provides updates to the board pre and post event.

    • Football Parking

    • Walkathon

    • Amazon

    • Kid’s Kreations

    • Mrs. Dalloway’s

    • Read-a-Thon

    • Emerson sweatshirts

  • Ensures that all revenue-generating positions are on track and on budget. Where budgets have not been created for an event, works with the Event Chair to create one and records this in the job description for the event.

  • Generates or approves any new ideas for raising funds and presents them to the board.

  • Oversees the chairs for the following fundraising activities. Meets with chairs in person or by phone, as needed. Provides updates to the board pre and post event:

    • Walkathon Event Chairs

      • Oversees the annual Walkathon

      • Coordinates the solicitation of donations from businesses and individuals

      • Oversees all marketing activities, fundraising activities, PR to the students and the Emerson community, etc., to generate enthusiasm and boost revenues

      • Coordinates the logistics for the event, including arranging food, getting raffle prizes, getting the kids to raise money, overseeing a t-shirt contest, etc.

      • Reports the revenues back to the PTA Board—responsible for maintaining that the event meets revenue targets and expense items Manages thank you letters

    • Readathon Event Chair

      • Oversees the annual Readathon

      • Coordinates the preparation of all of the materials

      • Oversees all marketing activities, PR to the students and the Emerson community, etc., to generate enthusiasm and boost revenues

      • Works with Ms. Jeannie, to coordinate the logistics for the event

      • Arranges prizes and class parties

      • Reports the revenues and expenses back to the PTA Board.

    • Football Parking Event Chair

      • Obtains a city permit prior to the first game.

      • Solicits repeat customers to reserve spots for the season in advance.

      • Recruits volunteers and/or parking captains for each game.

    • Kid’s Kreations Event Chair

      • Coordinates with Ms. Ames or parent volunteers to have each class do an art project to be used for Kids’ Kreations.

      • Publicizes Kids’ Kreations.

      • Coordinates distribution of materials, artwork, finished products.


  • Keeps abreast of city, state and national issues in education and local/state PTA initiatives and gives a “state of education” report to the PTA board at the October, January, and April board meetings or when needed

  • Keeps in touch with Emerson’s School Board rep to see if there are issues that parents need to be aware of.

  • Organizes groups of parents to support CA PTA initiatives or local issues, letter writing campaigns, getting a group together to going to a school board where items that impact Emerson are on the agenda, etc. as needed


  • Updates communication policy when needed and makes sure all Board Members and Event Chairs are aware of it: Communications Policies and Procedures

  • Collaborates with other Board Members and Event Chairs to facilitate dissemination of relevant information to the Emerson community

  • Oversees communications chairs:

    • Where’s Waldo Family Directory: Works with school staff to produce and distribute Where’s Waldo: does an online and print form/solicitation, updates content, manages printing and distribution of WW. Updates the WW google doc.

    • Bear Facts Team: Compiles and edits the weekly Bearfacts – both printed and email version via MailChimp. Creates PDF of printed version. Distributes to school office and/or translator for Spanish translation. Posts PDF of newsletter to website.

    • Facebook Volunteer: Updates Emerson Facebook page.

    • Website Admin: Maintains and updates website content. Handles site structure changes and updates. Manages site hosting. Reports to communications director as needed.

    • Emerson e-tree: Maintains the MailChimp email list. Solicits email addresses from parents. Sends out email blasts.

    • Parent Handbook: Updates the handbook yearly. Posts to website.

Emerson Staff Representative/Principal

  • Acts as liaison between school and PTA.