Emerson classroom teachers implement the Teacher's College Reading and Writing Project (TCRWP) as the literacy curriculum. This research based literacy program builds on students' strengths as readers and writers to read and and write fiction and nonfiction texts. 

In reading, components of the program include whole class and small group instruction with independent time during each day to read "just right books", classroom read alouds, and spelling/word work. In writing, students learn that their thoughts are important and worth writing about. Students use their voices at all grade levels to experience writing in three genres: narrative, information, and opinion. Teachers meet regularly with students to provide additional instruction and give feedback on their reading and writing progress.

Resources for students & families:


Resources for students & families:
EngageNY math curriculum



The Emerson PTA supports weekly art classes for all grades, taught by our accredited art teacher Lucy Ames.


Emerson’s gardening program uses a Garden-Based Learning Curriculum to integrate math, science, and the language arts into hands-on activities in the nutrition-based gardening classes.

K-3rd Grade students have gardening class generally twice a month.

BUSD Cooking & Gardening Program


Our vibrant music program provides age-appropriate learning and music appreciation that lasts a lifetime.

  • 1st and 2nd Grades: We experience music through singing, movement, and music games in weekly music classes.

  • 3rd Grade: We continue our exploration of music in weekly classes by adding the recorder, an instrument that has been played since prehistoric times. We also do lots of singing and dancing. Our biggest challenge is learning how to read music!

  • 4th and 5th Grades: We meet twice a week for music and have lots of choices. At the start of 4th Grade, students explore different instruments, then choose a brass, woodwind, or string instrument to play for the next two years.

Emerson's P.E. Coach leads all grades twice a week in physical education classes. One day each week focuses on P.E. games and sportsmanship. A second day focuses on conditioning and healthy living.

Physical Education

All 4th and 5th Grade students meet twice weekly with our dedicated science teacher.

The 4th and 5th grade Science program at Emerson uses the FOSS (Full Option Science System) curriculum, which involves hands-on, interactive modules of 7 to 11 weeks each to teach Next Generation Science Standards. Lessons emphasize group work and investigation skills.