Bus Transportation

BUSD provides bus transportation within the attendance zone to children living beyond the 1.5 mile walking distance. It is also provided to certain special eduction students. BUSD Transportation

Morning Drop-Off

Students line up before school on the yard and their teachers will take them into the building when the bell rings. If it rains, students go into the cafeteria.

If you drive to school, you may wait in line and drop your child safely off at the curb along Piedmont Ave, on the west side of Emerson.

The play structure is closed in the mornings before school and no balls or other equipment should be out. No riding bikes or scooters on the yard before or after school. No pets on the yard.

The gates are locked after the bell rings.

Afternoon Pick-up

Children not in Kids' World are released to a parent/guardian on the yard when the bell rings.

If your child is in Kids' World, enter through the front door of the school to sign your child out near the cafetorium.

be safe!

  • No double-parking, blocking driveways, or parking in firelanes
  • Do not let your child out of the car in the middle of the street. Pull to the curb and have them exit the car next to the curb.
  • No riding bikes or scooters on the yard.
  • Work kindly with our volunteer crossing guard (intersection of Piedmont Ave and Forest Ave) and our volunteer who helps kids dropped off by car!